Pouch Supplies

"You will want to know what your application will be before choosing a lamination film."

Because there are several different types of laminating projects, there are several different types of film. What you are laminating will dictate the film that should be used.

  • Standard Clear Film - The most common form of film used for lamination. Standard Film is imported which keeps the cost of standard clear film less than the U.S.-made Select Film. Standard Clear Film was poorer quality that Select Film in the past, but is now about the same
  • Select Film - Lamination film made in the U.S.A. It is considered the best quality, thus Select Film costs more than Standard Clear Film.
  • Matte Film – Laminating pouches that have a granular, frosted texture that reduces glare. As a result of this texturing the pouches accept pencil, pen, marker, and reduce smudging. Matte film is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Pressure-Sensitive Pouch – These pouches feature an adhesive backing that can be peeled and bonded to a surface after passing through a laminator.
  • UV/UL Pouches - These are primarily used for outdoor laminating projects. The UV/UL Pouches are designed to prevent fading by filtering out harmful UV/UL rays from the sun.

Some laminators are limited by the thickness of lamination film they can accommodate. The thickness of a lamination pouch is gauged in mil(thousandths of an inch).

Pouch lamination film can be bought in increments of five mil, seven mil or ten mil. Five mil is very pliable. The 10 mil is very tough and rigid.

Lamination film must be placed in a carrier before feeding it through a laminator. The carrier is a poster board folder with a glossy inside. The carrier prevents excess lamination glue from getting on your rollers. Failure to use the carrier will cause the quality of the lamination to decrease, and damage the laminator.

Custom gloss pouches are available any size 3 mil, 5 mil, and 10 mil.

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